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Chewable Ultra-Enzyme Support ®PLUS Enzyme Probiotics Combo

Ultra-Enzyme Support ®PLUS Chewable is the most complete way to support your digestive system with a total digestive solutio

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Complete enzymatic support for optimal health Now with Probiotics, Zinc and Vitamin C—All in a convenient and delicious chewable tablet. Strong enough for adults but kids like them too!

* Supports Normal Bowel Function
* Sensitive Stomach
* Lactose Intolerance
* Chronic Constipation
* Whole food vitamin C
* Diarrhea
* Gas
* Bloating
* Burping
* Occasional heartburn
* Weight Gain
* Any Digestive Discomfort
* Support for the immune system

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A High Performance Broad Spectrum Digestive Enzyme with Pro-Biotics in a chewable tablet that even kids will love.

Ultra-Enzyme Support ® PLUS™ Chewable is the most complete way to support your digestive system with a total digestive solution. It is a high performance, broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula combined with billions of beneficial live probiotics. Using the highest quality vegetarian enzymes provides support on many levels. This 100% natural and non-animal based enzyme formula is manufactured under the strictest standards for optimal function of the digestive system.

Modern day lifestyles and eating habits are contributing to a startling decline in the quality of nutrition that we are able to absorb. A growing number of people are faced with health issues as a result of questionable nutrition from fast food dining and junk food snacking. Others may also have problems with nutritional deficiencies related to insufficient food consumption or a diet with limited variety. All of us need to eat fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and lean proteins, but this does not always happen. Also many lifestyle factors are killing off our natural balance of intestinal flora, called probiotics, which further inhibits our system from even getting the nutrition from the food we eat.

One Ultra-Enzyme Support® PLUS™ Chewable tablet with each meal will increase the bio-accessibility of all the nutrients in the food consumed thus insuring the maximum nutritional benefit. The addition of Billions of beneficial live probiotic cultures not only helps digestion, but also strengthens the immune system. Whole food Vitamin C and Chelated Zinc complete the immune support.

Ingredient Overview

Protease - proteases refers to a group of enzymes whose function is to break down proteins; they are also referred to as proteolytic enzymes or proteinases. The proteins are broken down to their
basic building blocks - amino acids. In order to have the amino acids available to the body, these
enzymes have to break down the proteins to free them. This important compound is the key to
digestive health. Ultra-Enzyme Support® PLUS Chewable formula contains four different proteases.

Amylase - amylase refers to a group of enzymes that breaks down sugars and starches. They are required to digest carbohydrates (polysaccharides) into smaller units (disaccharides), and eventually converting them into even smaller units (monosaccharide) such as glucose.
Malt Diastase - or maltase, is an enzyme that is the catalyst in the hydrolysis of disaccharide maltose to the simple sugar form – glucose. When starch is eaten, it is partially digested and transformed to maltose by both the saliva enzymes and pancreatic enzymes called amylases. The maltase secreted in the intestines converts this maltose into the useable sugar, glucose. The glucose can be used immediately or stored in the liver for future use.

Lipase - is the enzyme required to break down fats and lipids. In order for fat to be digested properly, the liver must first start the process by emulsifying the large fat molecules. Then bile breaks them down to small droplets, allowing the lipase to start its work.

Lactase – lactase is produced in the small intestine and is required to break down lactose (a primary sugar found in mammalian milk) into two simple sugars. It is mandatory in the digestion of milk and milk products. People, who do not make any lactase, or enough lactase, are considered lactose intolerant.

Glucoamylase - is used to breakdown carbohydrates, specifically polysaccharides.

Invertase - this enzyme breaks down carbohydrates, especially sucrose. Pro-Biotics are organisms and substances that help improve the environment of the intestinal tract. These organisms produce acids (such as acetic acid and lactic acid) and other compounds, which inhibit the growth of "bad" bacteria and promote “good” intestinal flora. Science supports that an important first line of defense in immunity is intestinal flora. Ultra-Enzyme Support® PLUS™ chewable supplies three Billion CFU’s (in a days’ supply) of the two most important stabilized strains of “live good guy” bacteria,
Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 and Bifidobacterium Bifidum are specifically chosen for their special benefits to the immune system and digestive tract. Along with preventing infective organisms from gaining a foothold in the GI tract, these strains of bacteria also enhance the activity of immune cells while improving digestion and good bowel habits. Bifidobacterium bifidum is a normal inhabitant of the intestines. Found in large numbers, especially in children and adolescents, the
numbers of bifidobacteria decrease with age. B. bifidum helps detoxify the intestines and promote
regular bowel movements. Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 This DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus is a unique, highly-stable probiotic microorganism, which, when produced according to Dr. Shahani’s proprietary methods, has been shown through research to display the following characteristics.

Unique DDS-1 Benefits:

• Produces B-vitamins and folic acid
• Prevents carcinogenesis
• Selectively prevents the adhesion of
pathogenic coliform to the cell wall
• Aids in the alleviation of “traveler's diarrhea”
and constipation
• Inhibits stomach ulcer and cancer-causing
Heliobacter pylori
• Relives dermatitis and other skin disorders
• Shown to reduce serum cholesterol levels
• Inhibits the growth of 23 toxic
• Reduces lactose intolerance
• Stimulates immune system




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